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3 January 2022

Molinari Agostinelli on the refinancing of Valvitalia Group's financial indebtedness

Ugo Molinari, Alessandro Fontana, Maria Milano, Livia De Rosa, Francesco Manghisi

Partners Ugo Molinari, Alessandro Fontana, Mara Milano and associates Livia De Rosa and Francesco Manghisi advised the companies of Valvitalia Group on the implemention of the financial manoeuvre, entailing the rescheduling of the Valvitalia Group's financial indebtedness, the redefinition of the relations within the parent company Valvitalia Finanziaria’s shareholding structure and the access to the support measures made available by the Italian State through the so-called “Patrimonio Rilancio” (the ad hoc fund set up by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A).