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25 March 2022

Molinari Agostinelli with AEW for a logistics hub in Calvenzano

Partners Alessandro de Botton and Marco Laviano and associate Giuliano Decorato, as well as managing counsel Lorenzo Caruccio and associate Davide D'Occhio for administrative law matters, advised AEW, as managing company of the closed-end real estate alternative investment fund reserved to institutional investors "Fondo Logitalia" and the related segment named "Logitalia 2", on the acquisition from Techbau of a plot of land in Calvenzano for the development of a 40,000 sqm. logistic complex.

17 March 2022

AVM Gestioni SGR invests in FlyingBasket

Partner Marco Laviano and associate Sara Comin advised AVM Gestioni SGR S.p.A. Gestore EuVECA Società Benefit, on behalf of the closed-end venture capital investment fund "CYSERO" EUVECA, on the investment in FlyingBasket S.r.l.,  a company based in the Italian Alps and specialized in the production of transport and logistics drones for heavy payloads, carried out through the subscription by the fund of a capital increase and equity financial instruments . Name partner Riccardo Agostinelli acted as deal’s relationship partner.

10 March 2022

Molinari Agostinelli with Banco BPM and Banca Ifis in the financing to Koinos Capital

Partners Riccardo Agostinelli and Andrea Taurozzi, supported by associate Alessandro Pallavicini and trainee Francesca Berni, advised Banco BPM S.p.A. and BANCA IFIS S.p.A. on the financing to Koinos Capital SGR S.p.A., acting as management company of the investment fund "Koinos Uno", aimed at the acquisition of MT Distribution S.r.l., a leading company in the R&D, engineering and distribution business with a focus on e-mobility.

22 February 2022

Clessidra and Magnetar acquire controlling stake in Acque Minerali d'Italia S.p.A.

The team made up of partners Ugo Molinari and Beatrice Neri, managing counsel Giacomo Colombo, associate Giuliano Decorato and managing counsel Lorenzo Caruccio for administrative law related matters advised Clessidra Restructuring Fund, managed by Clessidra Capital Credit SGR S.p.A., on the execution of the agreements governing the acquisition, in partnership with the US fund Magnetar Capital, of a 80% stake in Acque Minerali d'Italia S.p.A., as well as the new corporate governance structure.

15 February 2022

Kryalos SGR launches a new fund dedicated to unlikely to pay positions

Our firm with partners Maria Milano and Beatrice Neri, associate Michela Maresca and trainee Gian Luca Marchi and, for finance aspects, with partner Alessandro Fontana and associate Cristina Cupolo, advised Kryalos SGR on the launch of a new closed-end fund reserved for institutional investors named "Keystone" for the management and enhancement of a portfolio of receivables mainly consisting of unlikely-to-pay (UTP) exposures.

With this transaction a first contribution of receivables for a total gross book value of approximately Euro 127 million was transferred to the fund.

8 February 2022

Molinari Agostinelli with Barbieri & Tarozzi in the takeover bid for Siti

The multidisciplinary team composed, on equity capital markets matters, of partners Alessandro de Botton and Marco Laviano and associates Andrea Cecchi and Sara Comin, and, on financing matters, of partners Riccardo Agostinelli and Marco Leonardi and associate Alessandro Pallavicini, advised Barbieri & Tarozzi Holding S.p.A. on the voluntary takeover bid on all shares of SITI B&T Group S.p.A. traded on Euronext Growth Milan.

31 January 2022

Molinari Agostinelli with CFT on the purchase of stakes in Raytec Vision and Co.Mac.

Partner Alessandro de Botton and associates Stefano Cova and Federico Trabucco advised CFT S.p.A. on the acquisition of minority shareholdings in the capital of Raytec Vision S.p.A. and Co.Mac. S.r.l.

The acquisitions, as a result of which CFT now holds the entire share capital of both companies, are part of the integration and rationalization strategy concerning subsidiaries' activities within the CFT Group.



26 January 2022

Patron Capital completes another acquisition in partnership with FREO and Bluestone

Partner Alessandro de Botton with the support of associate Sara Comin, as well as of managing counsel Lorenzo Caruccio and associate Davide D'Occhio for administrative law aspects, advised Patron Capital on the acquisition in joint venture with real estate developers Freo Group and Bluestone Holding of a real estate complex located in Milan, in the Lambrate district, which will be transformed into a new residential complex. 

26 January 2022

Molinari Agostinelli advised on the rescheduling of CMSA società cooperativa's financial indebtedness

Partner Beatrice Neri and associate Michela Maresca assisted Fondo Efesto, managed by Finanziaria Internazionale Investments sgr, acting as creditor of CMSA Società Cooperativa, on the rescheduling of the latter's financial indebteness through the granting of new loans backed by SACE and Mediocredito pursuant to Law Decree no. 23/2020, the so-called "Liquidity Decree".

17 January 2022

Molinari Agostinelli in IMR-Industries' financial reorganization

Partner Marco Leonardi and associates Giorgia Gentilini and Cristina Cupolo advised a pool of banks, including Intesa (acting also as SACE agent), UniCredit, Banco BPM, Crédit Agricole Italia, Deutsche Bank and Mediocredito Centrale Banca del Mezzogiorno, on the 110 million financing, backed by SACE, to IMR-Industries.

12 January 2022

DigitalPlatform acquires Selta: all the advisors involved in the financing.

Partner Marco Leonardi and associate Alessandro Pallavicini advised RiverRock Italian Hybrid Capital Fund in the context of a financing granted by Illimity to DigitalPlatforms and aimed, among other things, at the acquisition of Selta and the refinancing of part of DigitalPlatforms’ debt towards the fund.

12 January 2022

Molinari Agostinelli advised on the financing to Gruppo Vicenzi

Partner Marco Leonardi and associate Giorgia Gentilini advised BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, UniCredit and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti on the €35 million financing, backed by SACE, to Gruppo Vicenzi, a historic company based in Veneto specializing in the production and marketing of high quality industrial confectionery products.